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Print their best memories.

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Your timeline becomes a Yearbook.

Your klassbook Capture memories frozen in time so you can relive the magic and wonder of learning that is shared from school on the klassly timeline. From Field-trips to school fun, see the joy on their faces, bring stories to life by flipping through the pages of your unique customized yearbook.

Klassbook editor

A custom Yearbook

  • Pictures.
  • Posts.
  • Events.
  • Field-trips.
  • Messages.

Unleash your creativity. No need to search any further, all the editing tools you need are easy and accessible.You can even create your yearbook in school as a class activity. With the editor tool, you can add everything from your class timeline in your Klassbook. You can customize everything in your Klassbook, the best yearbook ever, from the Klassly app or webapp!

Smart layout

The layout of your yearbook adapts to the content you want to include, From at school activities, pictures from the timeline to personal media, it is automatically set up for the optimal display of the school year and more.

Easy creation tool

No training is required to start using the Klassbook editor. Our tool has been designed to make creating easy & accessible. Search and select the media from school or home you wish to include and create a unique yearbook!

Digital version

If you don’t want a hard copy of your klassbook, you can select a cloud and nomad option for a digital version of the klassbook. It’s really simple : Create, download and enjoy!

High print quality

Your school memories are printed with the richest blacks, the most saturated colours and sharpest details. We use 148 g/m² paper for your Klassbook : A Premium paper quality for a quality yearbook.

Class photo

Ready? Say cheeeeeze!

Teachers are the photographers. The Class photo from your Klassly timeline is added to your Klassbook in seconds!


Print's not dead.
Say hello to the Klasscode !

Access your digital media in hardcopy. Who says that print is dead? With our new Klasscode feature you can integrate digital media directly in your klassbook. Just flash a pic to play it for ever, and ever, and ever...…

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