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A new and easier way to involve Families!

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Help students families become better involved in their childs' school life while gaining the support and trust you deserve!

It’s simple. With an intuitive layout, Klassly is easy to use for everyone.
It’s effective. 97% of teachers choose Klassly for emergency communications with families.
It’s inclusive. 95% of teachers say ALL households are better aware of what Kids learn in school.
It’s free. Free for everyone on Ios, Android, Mobile, tablet and web browsers!
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Share the joy from your classroom to home

Any content: pics, videos, voice memos, docs, events, polls, lists, invites, home-works! Schedule your post in advance, and manage Parents comments and reactions. Find the balance between Accessibility and Privacy.


Improved communication Balancing accessibility and privacy

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Parents can interact in a structured way managed by the teacher. Private conversations are initiated by teachers and parents can send requests for specific discussions. Also, the teacher can set their available times by activating the "Do not disturb" function. Accessible on Ios and Android devices.

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Family-teacher relationships built on trust.

Klassly ignites important discussions. It's a new way for families to actively help kids learn. It's safe, all content from the class remain private!

The translation feature breaks down language barriers. Everyone can write in their native language and messages are automatically translated.

Families with vision impairment can use Klassly with Voice Over support on Ios mobile devices.

It's just a lot more comfortable and I've noticed parents are way more willing to respond

Brianna F

1st grade teacher

Everything is at my fingertips and I really love it.

Shelley C

2nd grade teacher

It's really important for me to be able to continue to build that classroom community and having Klassly has helped me to do that.

Kimberley H

4th grade teacher

I feel like right now it's really important to share things that are easy to use because there's just so many things out there, parents can easily get overwhelmed

Kimberley H

4th grade teacher

We just had to adapt to the changes as they came along. Staying positive was the best option. And when I discovered Klassly I fell in love!

Pamela E

Kindergarten teacher

Parent communication was overwhelming for me, if I didn't have the Klassly app I think that i would go nuts,...

Miriam B

4th grade teacher

I'm really grateful that I have the klassly app to talk to all of my parents or send an announcement with just one button.

Miriam B

4th grade teacher

I struggled for a long time using those other apps,... it just did not work out for what I needed. And this one is Legit.

Amanda T

1st grade teacher

A key feature of Klassly is its simplicity and ease of navigation. Parents, teachers and administrators, whether they are tech-savvy or not, will be comfortable using Klassly and the Klassboard.

Rachelle D.P.

Spanish & STEAM Emerging technologies teacher

The Klassly app is designed to bridge the communication gap that has always been present between teachers and parents

John E

Professor of Teacher Education at Blackburn College

We need to invite parents to partake in their child’s learning and view parents as tools for increasing student growth

John E

Professor of Teacher Education at Blackburn College

The best and most efficient way to increase the importance of education within our children’s families is through parental engagement.

John E

Professor of Teacher Education at Blackburn College

It’s not a complicated software that a school has to install, but a tool every teacher can choose to use to communicate with parents using a simple app on their phone.

Monica B

Edtech specialist, Classtechtips creator, former classroom teacher, speaker and author.

Klassrooms' mission is to make sure parents engage effectively with their child’s teacher.

Monica B

Edtech specialist, Classtechtips creator, former classroom teacher, speaker and author.

Some great features

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K.Y.S feature
Know Your Students.

The KYS feature makes differentiated teaching easy by providing teachers with insight from home promoting student centered learning.

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Designed for your privacy.

Klassroom respects the personal data of its users and is in compliance with the GDPR and the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.

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We respect your Data.

Everything you share on Klasswork stays private.

All data is used solely by Klassroom for the purposes and operations offered in the app to enable its proper function and access to available services.

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It's all kept safe!

Our headquarters are in France

All personal data of our users are stored at OVH Roubaix or AWS datacenter in the Paris region. It’s completely safe !

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No datas exploitation.

Never shared, rented or sold

As contractually specified in our general terms and conditions of use, this data will never be transferred or rented to third parties.


Data-safe business model

In-App premium options.

Klassroom's business model is based on the sales of premium options to individual users and/or schools/communities and not on the monetization of users' personal data.