3 Tips to transform your school's atmosphere

18 май. 2023

Schools play a crucial role in the success of students, but their success is not limited to academics. A school's atmosphere is just as important as its academic rigor, and building strong relationships with the community can transform a school's atmosphere for the better. In this post, we will discuss the importance of community relationships and the strategies schools can use to build them.

The Importance of Community Relationships

Community relationships are essential for the success of any school. When the community is invested in the school, they are more likely to participate in school events and activities, which can foster a sense of belonging for the students. Additionally, community partnerships can provide opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and develop new skills.

Building strong relationships with families is also crucial for schools. When families feel connected to their school, they are more likely to be engaged in the learning process and attend school regularly. Additionally, building relationships with families can provide valuable insights into the needs of students and can help to identify areas where the school can improve.

Strategies for Building Stronger Community Relationships

1. Promote Transparency in Communication

Transparency in communication is essential for building trust with families and the wider community. Schools can promote transparency by sharing updates, announcements, and academic progress reports regularly. Additionally, schools can create opportunities for families to provide feedback and suggestions about school policies, events, and academic programs.

2. Partner with Local Businesses and Organizations

Partnering with local businesses and organizations can provide valuable resources for schools and help to create a positive image of the school in the community. Schools can collaborate with local businesses to provide real-world experience for students and create opportunities for community involvement in school events.

3. Re-Engage Disengaged Families

Some families may disengage from school due to language barriers, cultural differences, and negative past experiences. Schools can re-engage disengaged families by using personalized outreach and community events. Additionally, schools can use digital communication tools like Klassboard and Klassly to provide instant translations and foster a sense of community and engagement.


In conclusion, building stronger relationships with the community is critical for the success of any school. By promoting transparency in communication, partnering with local businesses and organizations, and re-engaging disengaged families, schools can create a positive school culture that fosters academic achievement, student engagement, and community support. If you're a school administrator who wants to learn more about how to build strong community relationships, we encourage you to request the PDF presentation of Klassboard by email at and scroll through our website for more information about our digital communication tools.

We encourage you to take action today to build stronger community relationships in your school. Start by promoting transparency in communication, partnering with local businesses and organizations, and re-engaging disengaged families. By prioritizing community relationships, you can transform your school's atmosphere and ensure the success of your students.


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